Building Scarf

So my biggest knitting project this year is making a scarf long enough to wrap around the whole building. I haven’t measured, but I’m guesstimating that’s about 500 600 feet or so, which means an average of 16.5 (gulp) 20 inches a day.

It will be continuously handknit in one piece (no seaming), but other people can help, as long as they’re knitting on it directly. I used a provisional cast-on in hopes of getting a little double-ended relay knitting going during Yarn School to up my averages.

So far, I’ve knit about 14.5 feet. I’ve actually knit about 3 more feet than that, but I frogged it early on, because I decided I wanted to alternate between two strands (2 rows of of each color at a time) instead of making consecutive solid blocks to make the color & gauge transitions softer. I decided not to worry about variations in width caused by gauge variations. I’m trying to keep at a chunky gauge, but the work pulls in and spreads out as the yarn changes. In the first week, I increased and decreased to adjust, but it became a little ridiculous, so I abandoned that plan when I frogged and started over. The fibers so far have been mostly wool, and all ends are spliced (spit for wool, Russian for other fibers), so when it’s done, it will be done.

I’m going to photograph the progress every couple weeks. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

  • Heather says:

    I love the striping!

    You’ve probably seen this, but in case not, here’s a video my husband showed me detailing the hazards of overly long scarf-knitting… :)

    “The Last Knit”


  • Nikol says:

    Oh, no! I forgot all about her. Note to self: stay at ground level.

  • Jennifer says:

    500ft seems awful conservative to me….

    The striping is lovely!

  • Nikol says:

    Really?I know it’s about 140 wide at the widest point. Oh, wait, you’re right. I should probably say 600 feet. It’s not a perfect square (those wings stick out on either end), but that won’t save that much. 140×4=560, so with the savings from the shape and the extra 40 feet, that should give it enough to tie in a scarf-like manner.

  • Carolyn says:

    Have you seen this: You should check that out. And they are looking for other buildings to cover it says.

  • Marissa says:

    Great project, and I wish you continued success at knitting on it everyday!

    I think i spot some of my de-stashed yarn, I’m glad it’s going to a good place! Do you need more?

  • Nikol says:

    I definitely will need more, but that’s still a ways off.

  • Sally Villarreal says:

    I’m curious, is there a reason why it needs to go around the building? Or does that just sound like a good goal?

  • Nikol says:

    I want it to be one of the pieces in an alt needlework art show. It could also wend its way around inside the building, but that would probably even be longer.

  • Amy says:

    I’m so glad your building won’t have to go too much longer without woolen adornment. It’s a great project!

  • Kyle Kunnecke says:

    I love this idea – I probably would have changed colors each day – and let the color changes reflect the work for each date… I guess you could start that as well; using color to define time…

    what an ambitious project!

  • Magic Wombat says:

    This is so fun. Marissa turned me on to this project that you are doing. I LOVE installation art, Art should always be present and a part of our lives.
    Maybe I can lend a needle next time I’m in Harveyville.

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