Yay! Skinny Cat yarn!

Just got a sample from Vera & it looks like the right yarn! Yay! I’m getting 5 more ounces. If I had known, I might’ve made the sweater a little looser. I think I’ll try it on again and decide. I keep clinging to this delusion I’m going to take the extra weight off so tight sweaters will look good on me again.


I did start going to Weight Watchers again, but somehow the going to the meetings thing hasn’t transitioned into the eating better thing. Well, I’m eating a little better, but only a little. I need to get my fat ass exercising. It’s easier to eat well when  you’re feeling all peppy and fit.


Back to work.

P.S. Cuckoo for Cuckoobatts Club selections will ship Thursday. There’s a meeting here tonight, so I can’t finish up my batch of batts until tomorrow.  I’m also going to take my official 2008 fiber tally. I have to spin/sell 30% of my fiber stash before I can get more fiber. Oh! And I need to open registration for Spring Yarn School! Hopefully that will happen tomorrow, too.

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  1. I hear ya there-I know damn well if I was as skinny as I used to be I’d be eating much better-but now all I can think about if crappy food :( I hope you succeed, though. And I hope I do too.
    Love your book, btw. ;)

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