Snow Day!

We were supposed to drive to Austin today, but the weather reports (blowing snow advisory) along the first 5 hrs of the route were very discouraging, so we decided to wait until tomorrow. It wasn’t bad this morning, so we thought about going ahead with it, but the snow just hit and man, am I glad we’re not driving in this shit. It is CRAZY.

Here’s the view from the back after 20 minutes of snow. So much snow and wind you can barely see the water tower.

For reference, here’s how it looks on a normal, overcast day (droob’s pic):

In the meantime: Snow Day! It’s so exciting to finally have a day that’s not already planned out from beginning to end. I’m going to TCB and clean and play!

One of the things I’m spinning now. It’s some natural brown heathery stuff that was packing material for some wheels I got from Holland. There were both raw fleece and grease batts, but they were sealed in bags & I think pretty much meant just fo packing. I washed it all up & I’m kinda loving the fiber. It’s not soft, but it is very bouncy and sturdy & I think will make great, rugged outerwear.

From the November Spinsters’ Club meeting, Biggie mill ends. For what? Something for Ron, but who knows.

Noro Kujaku & Kureyon poncho for mom.

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