Last batts of the year! I think.

Finished up a final batch of ’07 batts last night. Now, back to knitting!  I should have some FOs soon!  I’d better. Yikes. It’s getting late…

2 Replies to “Last batts of the year! I think.”

  1. Nikol – this is too funny. I crack myself up. i read your blog and saw the beautiful roving so i run over to etsy to order thinking you were giving information of where you bought your roving. i had no idea when i ordered that you were the one and only blog owner and etsy owner of Art Club. came back for a fix and REALLY read. i think i wanted the roving so badly i must have just scanned and run over to etsy. i REALLY comprehend when i read – don’t i!!! LOVE the blog and especially the rovings! will keep stalking both. Dee/NYC

  2. Hello! I got my order right before we left town last week and I am in LOVE. If my wheel traveled well it would have been right next to me in the car. I can’t wait to break open that Birthday batt.

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