This came from these.

Yesterday I spun a teal Peace Fleece single, plied it with my Mystery yarn, knit up a shoulder yoke thing, decided the teal overwhelmed the mystery, and unravelled and unplied it. And from this I have learned a valuable lesson: SAMPLE YOUR FREAKING YARN, LADY.

Next time, I will sample.

Now I have to figure out what do do with my Mystery. I can’t believe it held up to the abuse. I’m going to hot dunk it along with Ron’s sweater, which has yet to get a soak.

I’ve also spun some Spunky wool I got ages ago, which I plan to ply with some mystery superwash finewool I bought at Yarn School.

Check the gorgeous bobbin, courtesy of my new Woolee Winder. That thing is the best invention of all times. I have many, many new toys, thanks to a pretty hefty initial order requirement to become a Fricke dealer. I’ll probably blog them later this week, after I’ve made some headway on my datebook.

And this nice tweedy stuff came from a Late Fall Art Club Cuckoobatt. The color’s a little richer; my crispest photo was also a little washed out. I think I’m going to spin up another one and ply it with some of my natural dark brown roving, and then ply some brown to itself, to knit a sweater that shifts from light to dark as it goes down. Top-down raglan, of course, which I can’t seem to get enough of.

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  1. Your yarn is beautiful, but I am counting on a datebook. Please make it as awesome as you have in the past! I really love them.

    Also, my boyfriend is hinting at a sweater, even though he knows about the curse. (his own sister’s fiance left her when she tried to make him a sweater) Since neither of us have a wedding planned, do you have any advice? And I tried to get him to learn to knit for himself but he is resisting.

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