Hooray, hooray! Look what I just got from Melissa Moustacherides!

I don’t know how I could possibly match something this fabulous! I’ve already spun up the batts. I’m going to spin up some Peace Fleece roving–a little too lumpy by itself, but I think it’ll be fabulous plied with this crazy yarn, and that’ll tie all the color together. I’m thinking a fitted ponchoy wrap, something outerweary, since the Peace Fleece isn’t super soft.

These batts were freaking awesome to spin, really easy and very fun. If you want your very own, she sells them here. Bargain!

Today instead of working on the 2008 datebook, what I really should have done today (but my office is so cold!), I knitted 3 hats for the 3 fellas responsible for putting in our new boiler (Bruce, Harold & Dan). They were going to match, but I made one a little bigger, used up too much yarn, and had to make the 3rd one striped. But I got to use the traveling jogless stripes technique, which is dandy.

Ooh! Or what about the hem of a skirt? No, probably too much circus in that yarn to have it careening all around my fat ass. Much more sensible around my shoulders.

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  1. Hi,

    The wool is lovely, but what really caught my eye is the Mary Blair illustrations! What a find! Could you post more pictures and/or information about them. I love her work and have never seen these before.


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