Curse, schmurse (or, my first boyfriend sweater)

Top-down raglan knit to size of some of that sturdy 2-ply from Latvia, plus random stripes of my handspun single. Bigger than it looks–that dwindling gray was originally over half a pound of yarn. Need about 6 more inches of length, then some loose ribbing for the hemline. Then I’ll do the sleeves, which will be random and different from each other, and extra long for Cap’n Monkeyarms.

I always thought I had really stumpy arms, but I finally measured them and they’re exactly my height, just as they’re supposed to be, so there! All you jerks with those long arms that can reach things up on the high shelves, screw off! I’m perfect!

Also finishing up some Baby Henry stuff lickety-split, because Kelly Sue went and popped that little bun out of her oven two weeks early. The nerve! Happily, that makes him a Virgo, just like yours truly. And I have to say, he’s a very handsome baby. Not creepy or misshapen or sinister or dangerously boiled-looking. Nothing at all like his parents, in fact.

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  1. my husband is 6’8″ and his wingspan is 7′. my older son is 5’9″ and his wingspan is 6′. mine is actually shorter than i am (i have very short arms, which i’m told makes me stronger because ofa shorter fulcrum, but still, i can’t reach ANYTHING). only one in this house who is “right” is my 13 year old. he’s s5’1″ and so are his arms. makes me wonder how much more is he gonna grow?

  2. Is it a bad sign that “dangerously broiled looking” made me giggle? It is a good term for how most infants look to me, what with their very understandable tendency to be red and puffy for a while (though after studying Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome in Bacteriology, I suppose I’ll admit most babies don’t look as broiled as they could).

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