FREE PATTERN: Spring Forward Fall Back Raglan

Here’s a quick, snug and stretchy sweater for cool autumn or spring weather. This is more for my own records than a real pattern, but use the instruction if you wish.

SIZE: Medium (but adjustable)

YARN: 8 oz thick & think handspun 2-ply

GAUGE: 14 st = 4″

NEEDLES: US 9 & 10 16″ and 24″ needles.

With US9 16″ needles, CO 68 st. Join in round.

Switch to US10 16″ needles, and work 3-4 rows in K1P1 rib.

K 21, PM, K13, PM, K21, PM, K 13.

Inc. every other row by knitting into the front and back of each st before and after each marker, until it’s a good snug fit to the armpits. Just transfer the stitches to yarn or a really long circular and pop it over your head, stretching it down comfortably toward your pits.

For me (M), this was 15 increases. Switch to 24″ US10 needles when needed.

K to first marker, drop markers and xfer sleeve stitches to holder, CO 3 st and k to next maker, drop markers and xfer sleeve stitches to holder.

Next round, pm before and after center armpit CO stitches.

Knit in the round about 2 or 3″

Decrease with k2tog/ssk around center armpit stitches every 4th row 3 or 4 times (4 stitches decreased per decrease row).

Work 4 – 6 rows plain, then increase around center stiches every 4th row 3 or 4 times (4 increase per increase row).

Switch to US9 24″ needles. Work 6 rows in K1P1 rib. BO in pattern.

Join yarn at armpit and with US10 16″ needles, PU 2 st along CO edge, PM, PU another 2 st along CO edge. With the other end of the yarn, do the same on the other sleeve. Alternate between rounds on each sleeve, so if you’re running short on yarn, you can stop early, rib and BO & they’ll be the same length.

Knit in the round. On the 8th rnd, decrease with matching k2tog/ssk on either side of markers. Repeat decrease again on next 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 4th rnds.

Switch to US9 16″ needles and work in P1K1 rib around sleeve, k2tog on the last 2 st (the decreased stitches for the previous row). Work 6 rows total in ribbing and BO loosely in pattern.


14 Replies to “FREE PATTERN: Spring Forward Fall Back Raglan”

  1. about how many yards of yarn did you use? 8 ounces seems like a small amount of yarn, especially at this gauge. it is lovely yarn and it looks great in this design.

  2. Hi! I started last night trying to figure out a raglan bedjacket, and picked up a couple of hints here for the neck-my subject hates things around her throat Thanks.

  3. Judy, I used it ALL. Don’t know the yardage, but it was a big hunk o yarn. Based on my best guess from spinning, I’d guess around 600-700 yds?

    I weighed the remainder as I went along to decide what do do with the sweater (make it snug and fitted, with shorter sleeves) and I use the technique here when I’m not sure if I’ll have enough.

  4. I want to make this out of Noro Silk Garden yarn, which is aran weight. I’m wondering if this will work if I use a small needles size. Also, what was the bust size on your sweater and the amount of ease please? I love, love, love, this sweater.

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