Burlesque Accomplished!

Go look at Laurenn’s show pictures! I’ll be cropping some of them to show costume detail (and so I can stick them in ravelry, of course), and I’ll try to send out programs to my knitting helpers next week.

Yay! It was really wonderful, but so much work, so I’m relieved it’s over. And I was thrilled at how fun and saucy the ladies made it.

Sadly, the unraveling dress thing didn’t work out–too much trouble/not enough time for them to mess with, which was disappointing, but what can you do?

If any other burlesque ladies out there want to give it a go, let me know. I’d really love to actually see it work out. You need to have a helper to unravel it, and you have to haul ass unraveling and be committed to reknitting and working out the timing. But if you could do it, it would be a super twirly spectacle. I think it’s totally doable in the span of a song if your unraveler is pulling solid the whole time. I could provide a finished dress, an explanation of how it works, and the pattern to reknit so you can practice. It’s only 30 st for the apron and 60 in the round (increasing to about 80, tops), so it’s superfast to reknit.

Now that that’s over, I’m doing gift knitting. It was part of the stashalong KAL within a KAL, but I’ve been ousted for not posting an update last week, boo. But the gifts still need making, so knit them I will. And because I’m feeling needy after my nixing, I just asked to join the Zimmermania KAL, as one of the gifts is an EZ.

I’m really thrilled with the yarns I got in the Webs cone sale! I will be making lots of machine-knit cotton blankets and probably some hand-knit rugs. We always need more blankets around here. And I’ll be making Ron a sweater of brown donegal tweed. Probably a round raglan, my favorite. I’ve been promising him a sweater forever. I swear I’m not afraid of the sweater curse; just scattered and selfish.

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