Naughty Needles Burlesque on Friday the 13th!

Just realized I neglected to post this over the weekend! Please help us spread the word & post this on your site! (Thanks to Laurenn McCubbin for the poster! We’ll have them for sale at the show!)

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  1. Hi Nikol, I read your blog that it’s good to get yarn up to 105 degrees to kill bugs that like to eat yarn. This is wonderful! I live in the high desert, and today it got up to 110 outside. I have my yarn stash out in the storage shed, and it gets like Hell in there. It’s nice to know I am preventing bugs from eating my yarn. Thank you for sharing this. I love your website, and I bought your book. The patterns are great!

  2. This Naughty Needles Revue is too cute? When is the travelling show coming to town? You should do a West Coast trip. Tease-o-rama is happening in SF in the last weekend in September. And you could also perform at the Craft Gym here too!

    Sorry–I can’t help myself! I want to see it so!

  3. Hi Nikol, Congrats on the show. I read the article they did for advertising in the KC Star. Fantastic! They did keep saying you were from Lawence, however. Very unfair. It just took one of Harveyville’s 3 residents away. You should make them come back and do another article on the Harveyville project.

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