Stashalong update/destash

Well, crap. Another month has ended without my sewing the buttons on several big WIP, so my final 3-month stashalong total has fallen short of my 4500g goal with just 3976g eliminated, even though I have at least another couple pounds off the needles. But they don’t count as FOs until they’re completely ready to wear. At least I can get a headstart on July.

Tonight I finished a very cute cheerleader-type skirt with a handsome steeked button placket in back. It’s awfully cute, but sadly probably a little too short for me to wear in real life unless I suddenly start cutting out the bonbons and exercising. And I’m sleeve seams away and buttons away from its matching cardigan. Got a lot finished this weekend, despite wasting ages dealing with the flooding basement again. Though after the hell that was the first big flood, I’m counting my blessings about this one, which rated more on the level of big pain in the ass than existential depression. My mom was in town visiting, so she helped a lot, and we rewarded ourselves with shrimp cocktail, fried snackies, and big margaritas (one each! moderation, looky-looky! a perk of having to drive 20 minutes to a margarita) in Osage. I worked on my button placket while we sipped our cocktails, then had to take a nap the second we got home, as I’m now unaccustomed to mid-day margaritas and even one makes it naptime. (Ron’s friend Jesse calls beer “sleepy pop,” about the cutest name ever. I guess margaritas are my sleepy slush, which doesn’t sound nearly as adorable. Maybe because it sounds like a drunkard slurry “sleepy lush”?)

I’m going to go hit those seams and pick out some buttons! Productivity, thy name is Nikol!

Just added these to my destashaganza:

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