The heat is off

Well, not yet, but it will be. At this point, I’m way past overkill on the fiber bake. This afternoon, I’m going to try to dump my Bikram CDs to my ipod,  get my yoga on, then crank up a window fan to exhaust out all the hot air, vacuum like crazy, and organize all my fabulous newly-sterile fiber. Yay! Hopefully, tomorrow we can go get the freezer and put it up in Home Ec.

Then I need to make a list of all my outstanding Naughty Needles Burlesque projects. In the end, I decided to do the rest of it myself, because I’m shit at managing volunteers, and with the mail and everything else, there were just too many variables. Control freaks no like variables. So tonight, my plan is to re-sort all the costumes, finish anything that’s almost finished (buttons on the nun outfit, I’m looking at you!), and make a big scary to do list of all the huge projects I’ve inevitably forgotten, as is my way.

And then I will be knitting my ass off.

I’m all revved up after revisiting Getting Things Done, and I’m filled with a completely unrealistic surge of productive optimism. Hooray!  I’m also vowing not to touch maddeningly addictive ravelry again until I’ve got my today’s list done. So there!

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