Half a Pound o’ Handspun!

Sugarfoot is recovering from illness, so I’ve been holing up in my room with her and various craft projects. I’m keeping her separated from the other cat so that I can neurotically monitor her food and water intake, which is vexingly low, especially since I’m pretty ignorant about cats–but I called the emergency vet for reassurance, and she was on fluids for almost 24 hours straight, so she’s probably not dehydrated.

Tonight I finished the half a pound of 2ply I started plying on Sunday. I really do think it might be enough for a bulky little cardigan, especially if I plan to trim it in commercial yarn.

I also frogged and reknit the harem girl top. Now it has a firm casing on either end for the straps, and garter casing trim along the top and bottom in sparkly red. Originally, the ties when through eyelets and it was trimmed in green, but the green did something ugly to the gold, and the red makes it pop. Plus, it looks a lot better with the little jacket and fez.

Yikes. I real life, neither of these burns your retinas. Tonight’s obviously WEIRD LIGHTING night.

Tomorrow, my big plan is to make a mountain of batts. I want to make a bunch with natural colored alpaca and bright colors. And maybe some grandfatherly batts with natural gray wools. And if I’m feeling industrious, I’ll pack up some balls of the polwarth top I finally got back and send them to last year’s yarn school peeps. And if I’m feeling REALLY industrious, I’ll unpack and assemble the 4 wheels I’ve been avoiding, and reassemble the one with the warped flywheel, because its replacement arrived today.

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