Almost done…

Yup, the creepy factor is high on the dollbaby head, but it was the only appropriately sized head-shaped thing I could find. I’m pleased with the overall shape and the little nubby horns and the button mod, but my knitting was kind of sloppy and loose.

You can see how stupidly loose on the back. I shouldn’t use the Norwegian purl for stockinette. It looks ugly and sloppy. I know this, and yet I do it all the time & then hate myself for it later.

Anyway, I’m going to soak it and then run it through a hot dryer and see what happens. I’m not too confident, since it’s a 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend. But who knows? I wanted a little extra something for the package I’m sending Angele. I really should make her something, too. I’m sure it’s all baby presents from now on out. Oh, and I think I missed her birthday. Shit. It was last month and I can’t remember whether I called.

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