Pre-Fiber Stashalong Purchase

This box came on Friday, stuffed to explode. Here’s what was inside:

2# of fleece from a llama called noche. Soft and beautiful, like the beautiful, beautiful hair of a beautiful, beautiful lady. Can’t wait to try it! And also:

9# of fleece from a Rambouillet/Cormo/Corriedale called Ray. You can get an idea of how much there is by looking at my shoes. I surprised myself and packed it right back up and shipped it off to Zeillinger’s for roving. I have some neppy roving I want to see if they can improve with combing (which will make it stupidly expensive per pound, but whatever–chalk it up to experience), and I was going to send them some samples of that anyway, so I thought, what the hey. I don’t really want to deal with 9# of stinky, and I want to try as many different processors as possible. I’ve learned my lesson about that basket of eggs. But no matter what, I am NOT going to turn into some crazed maniac buying a zillion fleeces again this year. In fact, I’m swearing off fiber lists for the present [breaks into a light sweat].

I washed a lock of Ray that sneaked out of the package when I was re-boxing. It’s not as soft as pure Rambouillet or Cormo, but it is very springy and lofty, and a pretty soft gray color. And I’m guessing the Corriedale part will make the fiber less prone to pilling, which I appreciate. But still. I totally didn’t need this. I’m up to my ears. I really am a glutton.

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  1. Mine hasn’t gotten here yet! I’m dying/nervous to see it. For some reason my subscription shows up REALLY late–I just got the last issue a few weeks ago, so I don’t expect the new one any time soon. (I saw the thumbnail on their site & we look like dorks and the lighting looks really weird, but maybe the print version is happier… I hope. Of course, we *are* dorks, but still…)

  2. The bathtub was my Christmas present from Ron. He bought an old one cheap & refinished it. But you’ll notice it’s not plumbed yet, so right now it’s just decoration… )

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