FO Viper Girl Cardigan

Ta da! I’m well pleased with my new cardigan. Inspired by the Faux Fair Isle sweater I just finished from Spin to Knit, I decided to make a top-down raglan cardigan. I used a wider neckline, garter edging, and 1×1 ribbing around the cuffs and hemline. The sweater and the sleeves are both cropped. the sleeves have 5 more rnds of handspun than the yoke, and the elbow detail on one arm was Ron’s idea. I like it!

It used a 5.4 oz skein of stoneleafmoon handspun and a 4 balls of Volare. I wouldn’t have figured that would make nearly so substantial a sweater, so I’m happy as a clam at high tide. It’s cozy, and the barrier of black between the body & my face cuts down on the sallow-making.

his style would also be cute with a more cropped cut and a rounded hemline, or a closer fit & buttons down the whole front. But I think the bulky yarn and the open neckline do well with a one-button closure. I have some wayward Biggie Print that might have something like this in its future. Maybe with longer ribbing at the sleeves, and a 1×1 edging added all around afterwards? Hm. I also have that kool-aid dyed swap handspun, which goes well with some other bulky handspun I had in my stash…

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  1. Hey! I tried this very idea on my own after the first of the year. I ripped it out though because it was too teeny on me. I love your finished cardigan, and you have re-inspired me. Might I ask if you are small, medium or large? And, how many stitches did you cast on at the neck. Thanks for sharing your lovely end-piece!

  2. I’m a medium, I’d say, and the sweater fits roomy. I think the neckline was 75 st st, and I made about a 3 st-overlap in the front, so do the math like it’s a 72 st pullover–14 st sleeves & 22st back. Gauge was 11 or 12 st over 4″.

  3. nikol, you are a genius for sure. i love it.

    ps: have you seen the pom pom rug in the book “craftivity”? excellent stash buster (it uses like 5000 yards). super cute. i thought of you when i saw it.

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