Almost finished: Viper Girl cardigan

Just needs to finish drying and get a button. I really like it, despite that the right sleeve is 2 st wider than the left until the end, dammit. Just wasn’t paying attention & didn’t notice until I got to the cuff. And of course it’s accentuated by the band of handspun on the left sleeve. But I know you won’t be able to notice when it’s on.

The picture doesn’t do it justice (my indoor light at night is for shit). The black is superblack and lustrous mohair-wool and all the little color globs are really textural. I’ll get some nice details in the daylight tomorrow. And although I can’t officially call it finished until it’s dry and sporting a shiny button, I can call it finished for the purposes of my stashalong, motherhumper! Yay! 360 grams more!

5 Replies to “Almost finished: Viper Girl cardigan”

  1. This may be the finest stashbusting I have seen since resolutions were made. It’s certainly the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen today, and it’s been a long, long day of desperately seeking time away from homework. I love, love, LOVE the handspun in it.

    Ordered Naughty Needles from Amazon today. Excitement!

  2. I simply Adore this sweater!!!! It is So beautiful…

    Did you knit this freehand or use a pattern for the sweater shape and size? I want one of my own!!

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