Look how cute!

I got my coloriffic swap today, and look how freaking cute!

There’s a handmade wristband, which I am wearing even now, an adorable–I don’t know what he is? A fat mushroom? An egg in a beret?–jar with a gasketed lid that will be home to something delicious, three spool of printed ribbon, 2 darling little red aluminum tins, a wooden pen with an animal head, another pen with flowers all over, a little stuffed mushroom bobble that I think I’ll use as a zipper fob, hand-dyed yarn, polka-dotted fabric, printed fabric that’s begging to be embroidered, a foam N (for Nikol! Yay, me!), and yummy candy! Hooray!


  • Kelsey Leftwich says:

    I used your pattern from Shojobeat and figured you might want to see it. I really liked the pattern!


  • Kelly Sue says:

    Wow, you scored! And I’ve seen that Bon Appetit fellow before, but I can’t place it…

  • Kirk says:


    Seriously, you have very beautiful hand(s).

  • minnie says:

    the little egg guy? i think he’s either a sugar bowl (if he’s small) or a coffee canister, going by the little scoop on the side. too cute!

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