I started a knitalong! Wheeee!

I started a We Call Them Pirates knitalong, which could easily also be considered a Day of the Dead knitalong (thanks, Suzanne!). I’ve been wanting to make Adrian’s brilliant hat forever, but the stranded colorwork was so daunting. So I thought a knitalong would get me all revved up. Yay!

I’ve been trying to figure out what yarn to use. I must use stash yarn, as am destashing. I was going to use some of that weird Russian yarn I bought ages ago, but I swatched (look at me, following directions! what next?) and it’s WAY too fine.

I think I want red and pink or red and white, but the whites and pinks I have don’t go with the reds I have. The pinks are too cool/lilacy and the whites don’t match the cushiness of the reds. So.

I could also do black with red. I have some Knitpicks Andean Silk, I think it is? The one with alpaca, silk & merino?

At once point, I had an extra ball of Merino Style in natural (when I made the original Katamari Queen earmuffs, they sent me an extra ball of each color), but it seems to have vanished. If I were organized, I’d be all set instead of bellyaching. Speaking of Katamari Queen earmuffs, I just finished a beautiful pair that I’ll be shipping off to their new home on Wednesday. Pretty, pretty!

Oh! And I just got my camera back today! I’ve been waiting forever for it. I’ve been hogging up Ron’s camera, but it’s for shit in low light. I need to shoot and post my 2006 Finished Objects. I forgot to photograph my mom’s Loop-d-Loop Yoke vest, and I made 2 balakavas, one for Ron and one for my dad (but it will probably become Ron’s, too, as my dad seemed pretty uninterested).

My uberlist this year is almost 25% crafty:

  1. #6. FUN: Finish 10 Dirty Needles projects $$$
  2. #10. FUN: 2 swaps $$ (after first two, swap participation is only a reward for checking something off überlist)
  3. #11. FUN: Start a We Call Them Pirates knitalong
  4. #13. FUN: Take a class $$$
  5. #14. FUN: Knitted Burlesque show $$$
  6. #15. FUN: Make needlepoint portraits of Kiki and Herman $
  7. #17. FUN: Make real Art Club etsy site
  8. #20. FUN: Add book reviews (or really, reports; because who am I, a critic?) to Thrifty Knitter & Out of the Frying Pan
  9. #22. FUN/TCB: Make and send Ashley’s critter $
  10. #23. FUN: Photograph and post all 2006 FOs by the end of January; generally, post FOs within 48 hours
  11. #FUN: Try a new recipe/dish each week (so far: broiled sweet potatoes with leeks, Kung Fu Noodles with pork & vegetables)
  12. #28. HARVEYVILLE/FUN: Yarn School $$$$
  13. #30. HARVEYVILLE/FUN: Dye Camp or other fiber workshop $$$$
  14. #31. HARVEYVILLE: Organize Home Ec Room $$$
  15. #67. NEST: Repair carving and attach to wardrobe $$
  16. #74. NEST: Make hanging circular needle case
  17. #76. NEST: Repair tear in comforter
  18. #84. SIMPLIFY: Reduce yarn stash so that it fits just in glass cupboard by end of year
  19. #89. TCB: Submit 4 patterns to yarn companies & knitting magazines/sites
  20. #98. TCB: Work on 2008 calendar one day each month so that I’ll have it finished EARLY
  21. #99. TCB: Ask people who have sent me very nice emails about book to post them to Amazon
  22. #100. TCB: Finish and ship Katamari earmuffs by the second week of January $
  23. #102. TCB: Finish and submit Yarn School proposal by the end of March
  24. #104. TCB: Add outstanding info/patterns to naughtyneedlesknitting.com by end of January
  25. #106. Send out Yarn School packages by end of January

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