De agony of de fleece

Or, should I say, the ecstacy! I’m this close to working through all my raw wool. Today, I shipped off 5 batches of wool to Spinderellas to make 5 batches of roving, yippee! I was going to send it to Frankenmuth, what with the coupon and all, but Spinderellas has great prices AND lower minimums AND they made my pretty, spongy, custom-dyed streaky Rambouillet roving just how I pictured it, so I heart them.

Okay, so here’s what I’m getting (barring Lynn having any better suggestions once she gets the fleece):

  • A small batch of natural chocolate cormo roving from Ortman’s cormo.
  • A large batch of natural variagated grey cormo & polwarth roving from the elder & younger Orman flocks. I’m sending a nice chunk of this to each of the yarn school ladies.
  • A large batch of soft white blend roving (extra thick for dyeing) made of cormo/polwarth/targhee

All three are crazyfuckingscrumpy fleeces, superyum! Plus:

  • A large batch of strong white sock roving (also extra thick for dyeing) made of mostly Border Leicester and Cheviot, with some Lincoln for extra strength and luster, plus Perendale and a few other odds & ends for softy/bouncy. And about 12-15% nylon blended in for sturdiness.
  • And a cuckoobananas mixy-matchy batch of about 70% chocolate Rambouillet (supersoft, but shorter staple, so I’m expecting lots of neps, which I actulally want, for a bumpy, tweedy effect) alternating with 30% dyed pink, springy Cheviot, blended with white and dyed sparklies. Inspired by the travelling circus that came to town during yarn school, I’m going to call it Circus Pony! I think it will be bouncy and circusful, hurrah!

I’m hoping that by this time next month, I’ll be spinning some of these babies.

Afterwards, I found some white Rambouillet I missed, but I’m washing it right now & I’ll card it up this weekend, maybe with some random fiber that was floating around after yarn school.

This weekend, I’m reviving my old gasping baby Out of the Frying Pan, and Malin & Sue are going to transfer over all the old content so we can beat her back into shape. And right now, I’m finishing up what will be a dandy Shojo Beat column. Ron’s back home, and I think we’ll be snuggled in catching up on Battlestar Galactica before too long. There’s brined pork chops for dinner. Skinny Bones, the former stray, is neutered, out of the storm, and getting along swimmingly with Sugarfoot, our sweet faced housecat. The boiler’s on, so I’m no longer freezing my tits off. And I have miles of spinning fiber and miles of yarn and the soothing drone of wind and rain outside.

I kinda love my life right now.

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  1. I read Shojo and saw where you could order the Katamari Queen Earmuffs from your website…I don’t see any shop links. Please advise with any information…I think those earmuffs would make a great Christmas gift for my friend (she loves Katamari).

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