Call for Goodies!

If you make or sell fibery goodness, contribute to the Yarn School Goodie Bag or Door Prizeaganza!

You’ll get your wares in the hands of dedicated spinners and knitters, plus you’ll get a thank-you link/banner right here on the first screen Thrifty Knitter! (See the Art Club ad, right.)

Please provide either a full-sized door prize or 32 samples (at least 1/2 ounce of fiber for a spinnable sample or 10g of yarn for a swatchable sample). Fiber is fantastic, be we also love fiber-related items like knitting patterns, stitch markers and other notions, lotions and handmade soaps, fiber DVDs or books, etc.

Please make sure everything is labeled (easy way: bag/tag them with a business card) so people know how to get more. Any leftover samples will go into future door prize assortments.

Email me a 150 x 71-pixel banner OR your Ravelry Marketplace banner (which has the same proportions, so I can just resize it for you), plus a link to your etsy or independent site or ravelry yarnie or designer page.

I need these in my hot little hands by Wednesday, 4/27. The safest way to get them here on time is UPS, but if you send early next week or especially if you’re geographically close, Priority Mail is a good bet, too.

Nikol Lohr
13149 Harveyville Rd
Harveyville KS 66431

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