Mitten School Yarn! Huzzah!

I just saw the brand new Hello Yarn pattern that’s getting previewed at Mitten School and it is GORGEOUS! The cuff alone is a masterpiece! I am so excited about this. I plan to spend the entire Mitten School weekend in my pajamas (note to self: new pajamas? maybe fancy Liz Lemon’s cupcakes or cheaper Target owls…) , eating cupcakes and sipping hot chocolate and cocktails. By necessity, winter workshops are much smaller (read: easier to prep/oversee), so I get the luxury of participation. It’s going to be a marvelous weekend, and probably your last chance for a little relaxing break before holiday madness ensues. Aside from the actually knitting and the usual yummy meals, we’re also including daily professional hand massages and happy hour after class! You should totally come.

Honey and Bird's Egg

If you’ve been following Adrian on flickr, you know that with the help of the handsome & talented David of Southern Cross Fibre, she’s been busy selecting colorways for Mitten School. We’ll be using gorgeous, squooshy Quince & Company Lark (territorial wool) for the mittens and Tern (wool/silk) for the lining. Yum, yum!

I’m torn between the second from the top and the second from the end. Oh, which will I choose?

Mitten School Colorways!

4 Replies to “Mitten School Yarn! Huzzah!”

  1. Those colours are so beautiful. Whichever I end up with, I just know I’m going to be peering jealously at everyone else’s choices.

    Also, I was JUST looking at those 30 Rock jammies last night. How weird.

  2. I’m soooo excited about Mitten School!! I don’t know which colors to pick either…I’m leaning towards the light blue/honey or the light blue/pea green. We’ll see! AND…this past weekend, I bought 2 new pairs of jammies for the weekend. They both have SHEEP on them! I might need to get another pair. One can never have too many fun, comfy jammies for Mitten School.

  3. the tomatoes… the sheep… i have been following your blog for quite sometime now. your fun is so inspiring. know you have a roof anytime u visit rhode island in our humble burb. much love and peaceful bliss..julie

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