4oz Challenge!

I’m excited about the Hello Yarn/Southern Cross/Spunky Eclectic 4 ounce Challenge. It’s a call for patterns/FO using just the normal 4oz hank of their hand-dyed fiber. I have two ideas I’m going to try to realize for the contest. One is highly doable, the other is going to be a hell of a challenge to pull off in 4 ounces, but you never know. Sometimes, I’m kind of awesome at being stingy with fiber. No matter what, it will be an excellent incentive to spin up some of that Hello Yarn that’s been languishing in my stash forever.

Like a lot of people, for a long time I had an inferiority complex about my spinning and didn’t want to “waste” any of my Hello Yarn. But I’m pretty sure my current level of competence is as good as I’ll get, since my current inputs are about as much as I’m willing to invest.

Wood block print by Liz Runkle.

In other news, we still have a couple spots left for the free linoleum block printing class Liz is teaching this Sunday. I might have to try to convince her to come back for an extended workshop in the future (Block Printing School?), as the reduction prints are amazing and well beyond the scope of a free 4-hour class. But we will be making small linoleum blocks for one-color prints. I’m hoping to print a nice batch of extras that we can sell to raise money for future Art Share classes! (Art Share is a free community arts program for the city of Harveyville and neighboring communities. Last year, we had a KAC grant, but it looks like we’ll be able to continue this year with community/volunteer support. Yay!)

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