USED WHEEL DESTASH! 6@ $220-290 shipped! + 2008 Joy Combo $550 shipped!

I’m downsizing the Yarn School wheel stash since so many people bring their own wheels anymore. And I’m selling them cheap, so if you’ve long wanted a wheel but couldn’t spring for the pricetag, I have six available under $300, including free shipping & a little starter fiber. I’ll be able to ship after this coming week–I’ll probably be too busy with prom preparations to pack them up this week, but who knows? You might be the procrastination rush shipment special. :)

Email me (nikol at harveyvilleproject dot com) if you’re interested & I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

All wheels also include some spinning fiber to get you started!

SOLD #1 Unique handmade Dutch Louet-alike with large paddle treadle & 3 bobbins $195 + $25 shipping:

SOLD #2 Louet-alike handmade Dutch wheel w/ 3 bobbins $195 + $25 shipping:

#3 Louet-alike handmade Louet copy with 2-position lazy kate & 3 bobbins $225 + $25 shipping:

SOLD #4 Older Louet S10 w/ 3 2-speed bobbins $265 + $25 shipping:

SOLD #5 Older Louet S10 w/ 3 bobbins $265 + $25 shipping:

SOLD #6 Older Louet S10 w/ 2 2-speed bobbins + 1 modern 3-speed bobbin $265 + $25 shipping:

SOLD #7 2008 Ashford Joy w/ 3 bobbins & bag $550:

5 Replies to “USED WHEEL DESTASH! 6@ $220-290 shipped! + 2008 Joy Combo $550 shipped!”

  1. I couldn’t find your email but wanted to see if #3 was still available? If so I’d like that one. Otherwise #1. Thank you.

  2. Hi! I just bought a wheel from a woman here in CA, and it looks *just like* that first Louet-alike wheel you had for sale. Do you know if it will take Louet accessories, like bobbins, for instance, or the footman-to-treadle connector, or the drive band? I know you don’t have it anymore, but if you had it around for awhile, maybe you had to had to swap parts sometimes…

    Sorry to bother you, but this is the only place I’ve found the wheel! She said she built it from a kit she found at Dharma Trading a zillion years ago, all dusty and forgotten on a shelf. And that it was horrendously hard to put together (she and her husband had to *cut the wheel out* in two circles, bevel them, and glue them together!

    PS — I copyedited/proofread Naughty Needles back in 2007 or so! I hope there weren’t any mistakes (someone else did the tech edit). :)

  3. A lot of the basic louet parts will work–flyer, brake, bobbins, etc. I don’t know about the other stuff, but it’s worth a try!

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