Cupcake Ranch Fiber for sale!

Knit or spin your own piece of our little ovine playland. On sale now on my etsy site!

Yarn from Fudgy the Whale. 250 yds 2-ply fingering per roughly 2oz skein. $14 ea. Only 4 left!

Uncle Honeybunch 100% Shetland lambswool roving, 4 oz for $10. Only 3 left!

Fudgy the Whale 100% Romney roving. $10 for 4 oz.

Agnes 100% merino lambswool roving. $10 for 4 oz.

The rest sold out at Yarn School, aside from a different batch of Fudgy roving that I’m hemming and hawing about. I’m considering sending it back for more yarn. I was so darn pleased with the yarn.

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