Call for Goodies!

Attention Fiber Vendors! If you want to include samples of your goodies in the Spring 2010 Yarn School goody bags, email me! You’ll need to send 35 samples to arrive by 4/21/10 (UPS Ground map shown below, or Priority Mail shipped by 4/17 should also work). Spinning fiber (batts, top, etc.) should be 1oz+, add-ins (e.g., locks, angora fluff, etc.) can be smaller. Notions and yarn are also welcome! Make sure it’s securely tagged so customers can ID you! You’ll get thanks and a 140 x 40 banner on the Yarn School page and for 6 months here on the Thrifty Knitter!

The Harveyville Project
13149 Harveyville Rd
Harveyville KS 66431

Thanks to Natalia for the goody bag shot! And while I was looking through Yarn School Group photos for goodies, I found some lamby baby pictures from Amy. They’re still adorable to me but holy bananas they were so freaking cute when they were wee.

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