Freshly-painted closet!

Slouching toward organization….

Sherri primed it and got it started for me this afternoon, and I actually followed my good intentions and finished up all the painting tonight! I’ve decided to let it cure for a week befoe putting everything back.

I picked a pale blue satin exterior Oops! Paint from the paint freezer (a dead freezer that’s become a repository for all the $3 -$4 paint mistakes we always buy at the hardware stores).

I thought exterior satin would be a good, sturdy coating for the rough walls and washable enough for the shelves. While I probably should have bought some floor paint for the floor, I thought I’d save some money and let myself off the hook. The floor probably won’t get too much traffic, and if the wear bothers me, I’ll only have to empty the bottom shelf to paint.

And in the spirit of not ignoring overdue projects because I can’t do a perfectly perfect job, I’ve decided not to paint the cubbies just now. While I’d prefer a bright interior to show off the contents, I’d rather have my stuff back in my closet that the prettiest pretty cubbies, and I can make some tidy labels for the edges to do the same job. Later, when I have some more time, I’ll probably paint them dark red with the pale blue interiors. I’m going to put the extra paint in a jar to keep it fresh–the original lid’s all rusty and gross.

Next week, after all the stuff’s neatly in place and I have my floor space back, I’ll empty out the other closet and get sorting. Or if I’m feeling too pressed for time, I’ll wait and do closet #2 after Yarn School.

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