WIP self-loathing

With just one sleeve to go, I had to frog the whole body of my Noro Silk Garden Lite sweater. I think I had my back decreases all freaky deaky and off center, because the fit was weird.

Also, I’ve gotten impossibly fat all of the sudden an everything looks shitty on me, so there’s that. If I were smart, I’d put away the sweater and work on something else. But, alas. Not smart.

Now I’m skipping the side decreases and working 2 back darts (counted several times; they’re definitely where they should be in my mind, and hopefully my body will agree).

I’m not sure how it is that I let myself make huge mistakes like that and don’t notice until I’m well past fixing them. I’m striving this year to measure twice and frog far less. I’d say on average, every sweater I knit, I’ve actually knit 1.75x due to frogging and reknitting. Sometimes my reknit rate is as high as 3x. If I pulled my head out of my ass every once in a while, I could get twice as much finished in the same time.

On the other hand, I’m glad that I’m the sort who will frog a whole sweater rather than keep chugging away at something I’ve decided sucks. No use beating a dead horse, right?

But what I don’t get is why you’d want to beat a live horse, either? Or is that what frogging is? Poor horse.

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  1. I’ve learned that hard way that frogging makes way better sense than finishing a sweater, then stuffing it into the back of the closet. Good for you for being so persistent.

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