Scaling Bunny Hop

I’ve had some inquiries for kiddie sizing. If you want to make the pattern for a kid, just use a thinner yarn (and scale down your thrums) at a tighter gauge. I’ve only tested one, but it came out as I expected, so you should be able to scale down from there.

Both of these are the size small. The pink one is per the pattern, and the blue one is in Valley Yarns Berkshire on US8 at 17 st = 4″ in plain stockinette. The slipper is about 8″ long (vs 10″ on the small regular). The sizing works for a foot about an inch and a half smaller and larger than the actual bottom measurement.

You can probably go down another inch or so by using dk/light worsted and US5 needles with skinny thrums, or smaller still by skipping the thrums. The slipper is knit sole first, and in the small, that’s only around 500 stitches (= 20 sts x 25 rows), so knitting up a quick sole won’t take longer than your average swatch, and you’ll know immediately whether it will fit.

In other news, look what I got! Cupcake mittens!

These were knit by my friend Ellen, a Londoner and former Harveyville Project resident, and they’re so freaking cute I want to howl. She gave them to Ron to bring me home (he just got back from a month-long tour of Europe with Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkeybirds).

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