Yay! They’re up! I’m really proud of this pattern & couldn’t be happier with the results. They knit up FAST, so you can still whip out a pair for Christmas.

Free how-to/pattern at CRAFT! They made a pretty little pdf, too!

(Just to be clear, this pattern is for adult sizes. A simple gauge change–worsted should do the trick–should convert to kiddie sizes, but they’re not written for wee feet. I figure there are plenty of cutesy baby booties out there already.)

If you want to make them exactly as shown, get Berkshire Bulky from Webs and  Cotton Candy top from Art Club (with free merino roving for the tail by request).

18 Replies to “FREE PATTERN: Bunny Hop”

  1. These are so adorable that I wish I had a little girl to make them for (I don’t think my trhee year old all-boy William would appreciate them)..LOVE!!!

  2. how experienced of a knitter do you have to be for these?! These look super cute, but all i know how to do are washcloths and scarfs! Hopefully soon i can do these!

  3. These slippers are just adorable!!! I am making a pair for my daughter for Christmas. Is there a child’s version so I can make a pair for my granddaughter?

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