Friday the 13th & I’m feeling lucky!

Here’s what I’m working on…

2nd draft for an upcoming CRAFT project:

1st draft:

Noro Silk Garden Lite pullover, which I toyed with frogging–not because I’m unhappy with it, but because I think it would be so much more awesome as one of these. But it’s only used 4 balls so far, so I’m guessing only 6 balls total, which means I’ll have 4 left. With a coordinating solid from my stash, I should have enough for both!

Silk Garden Lite Raglan I'm seriously considering frogging

Swatch for a project for someone else’s book (I’m waiting on the yarn from Louet to make the real thing):

And I’m doing a Hurry-up Last Minute Sweater for Ron for NaKniSweMo.

November Art Club Update (click to go to etsy):

Today Marta came over and cleaned out my weird no-man’s-land room that runs between the boiler room and the kitchen! We’re trading. I’m helping her with photoshop & etsy and she’s helping me attack some trouble spots (of which I have many). Eventually, the area under the stairs, which is sheltered from the boiler room and cooled by the crawl space, will be my root cellar! In the meantime, I can now use the existing shelves for more efficient storage, and maybe make a basement janitor’s closet. She also dragged all the junk stuffed into the entry storage closet out into the hall, so I have to deal with it instead of just closing the door and saying la la la la la, I can’t see you. And in the meantime, I can actually enter the closet and walk to the back of it and get something off a shelf instead of having climb over boxes and teeter in an awkward arabesque to reach anything more than a couple feet back.

I was feeling kind of peevish this morning. I was washing dishes with resentment (new! cleaning! power!) and being vexed at my never-ending to-do list. I thought November would be my big free, catch-up month, but open time just fills itself in, doesn’t it? I’m staying really busy, and even accomplishing a lot on a day-to-day basis, but I don’t feel like I’m making progress.

The problem is that my plan to leave November open has gone by the wayside. While I haven’t added any workshops or trips, I have had to take on some new commitments, and I’m broke as a joke, so I’ll need to shake my moneymaker (um, my brain & hands–that other thing shakes on its own, but ain’t nobody paying to see that) instead of becoming a paragon of zen organization.

I think I’m going to keep regular shop hours between Thanksgiving & Christmas, so I need to get the chaotic disaster that is my constant companion under control. And I’m making Art Club its own web store (still keeping the etsy shop) so it can spread out a little. And we just formed a nonprofit & that’s leeching away a lot of my time and brain power. Waaaa! God, I’m a crybaby! No wonder I’m so cranky–who wouldn’t be cranky, stuck with me all day? Also! I gained 8 pounds in a week! This, thanks to the poor turnout of trick-or-treaters. I guess Halloween falling on a Saturday = shitty turnout. We made goodie bags of favor toys and candy, plus Ron brought home 6 bags of fun size candy bars to give out, 5 of which went into my mouth within a few days of Halloween. My ill-fitting clothes are not elevating my mood. Hm. feeling a little peevish again.


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  1. Don’t frog your noro-sweater, pu-lease! I’m coming over here every other day to look at it and swoon, drool, lechz as we germans say, over the colours and the overall greatness of this garment!

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