Knitted hares save themselves for the towel river went flood

Kelly Sue just sent me a link that filled me with glee:

Knitted hares save themselves from the towel river went flood. (Scroll down past the ad after the first picture.)

(And while I’m being confounded with people, nothing burns me more than people who see something like this and say “Looks like someone has too much time on their hands.” People who make super awesomeness NEVER have too much time on their hands. They’re always the busiest people around. The world would be a far more delightful place if there were more people in that category, and fewer who were dismissive of them.)

4 Replies to “Knitted hares save themselves for the towel river went flood”

  1. While also agreeing with your parenthetical comments, re: awesomeness and the time dedicated to achieving it, can I be extra sassy and point out that those hares are crocheted?

    I know I’m going to regret posting this…I just have to be the sassy kid in the back row, it’s genetic. I’m trying to overcome it.

  2. Sassy’s good. And anyway, you’re not being sassy; you’re being a know-it-all (and as a fellow know-it all, that’s fine by me!). I was working off the English Russia caption, which is inaccurate as well as grammatically confusing.

  3. Oh the Hares! I lurv them! My first question was “what are they going to do with a fish?” As I was under the impression hares were veggie eaters…mayhap I don’t know hares as well as I thought.

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