FREE PATTERN: Strawberry Baby Cap (NEW: another size!)

Baby photos by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

I haven’t re-tested my pattern, so please let me know if you find errors. And if you’re a chart wiz & want to chart the colorwork or cables, lemme know & I’ll add it! preemie/newborn shown

SIZE: preemie/newborn (3-6mos)

NOTE: The only difference between the sizes is that the larger size has K4-st columns separating the cable panels instead of K2-st columns shown here. You can make it increasingly larger by making those columns wider.

YARN (you can probably get 2 hats out of this)

1 ball Knit Picks Merino Style, in a berryish color

1 ball Knit Picks Merino Style, in a greenish color. I used Petal and Asparagus because that’s what I had on hand, but a darker red or raspberry color, and the darkest green, would look much nicer, I think.


US3 DPNs, 2 circulars, or 1 long circular for magic loop (your choice)


CO 72 (80) with berryish color. Join rnd, being careful not to twist stiches.

Edging (Note: you can use a size down to make this part snugger. It’s probably a good idea, but I did not.)

Rnd 1: *P3, K4, P2, K4, P3, K2(4), repeat from * to end of rnd.

Rnds 2-4: Repeat Rnd 1.


Rnd 5 and all others, except as noted (basic pattern): *P3, K10, P3, K2(4), repeat from * to end of rnd.

Rnd 10 (cable): *P3, C10B, P3, K2(4), P3, C10F, P3, K2(4), repeat from * to end of rnd.

Rnd 15 (1st seeds rnd): Repeat Rnd 5, but meanwhile, incorporate one green stitch every 4th st, starting with the 2nd stitch (i.e., 1 berry stitch to start, then 1 green stich, 3 berry stiches, 1 green stitch, 3 berry stitches… down the rnd). Carry green yarn loosely behind berry color so fabric doesn’t bunch, and loosely between rnds as well (there will be 3 berry rounds before the next green)

Rnd 19 (2nd seeds rnd): Repeat Rnd 5, but meanwhile incorporate one green stitch every 4th stitch (i.e., 3 berry st, 1 green st, 3 berry st, 1 green st…down the rnd).

Rnd 22 (3rd seeds rnd): Repeat Rnd 15.

Rnd 25 (4th seeds rnd): Repeat Rnd 5, and meanwhile, starting with first stitch, knit every other stitch green.

Rnd 26 (cable): Repeat Rnd 10.

Rnd 27 (5th seeds rnd): Repeat Rnd 5, and meanwhile, starting with second stitch, knit every other stitch green.

Rnd 29 (6th seeds rnd): Repeat Rnd 25.

Rnd 30 (1st decrease rnd, first green rnd): Change to green yarn (don’t break berry–you’ll use it again, making flecks in the green like the green flecks in the berry). *P3, K2tog, K6, ssk, P3, K2(4), repeat from * to end of rnd–64(72)st

Rnd 31 (2nd decreas rnd): *P3, K2tog, K4, ssk, P3, K2(4), repeat from * to end of rnd–56(64) st.

Rnd 32 (3rd decrease rnd + 1st berry flecks rnd):  While working decrease pattern, work colorwork pattern in the reverse of the first colorwork pattern. So, starting with 2nd st, and every 4th st thereafter, work one berry st every 4th st (i.e., 1 green st to start rnd, 1 berry st, 3 green st, 1 berry st, 3 green st… down the rnd). At the same time, work this decrease: *P3, K2tog, K2, ssk, P3, K2(4), repeat from * to end of rnd–48(56) st.

Rnd 33 (4th decrease): *P3, K2tog, ssk, P3, K2(4), repeat from * to end of rnd–40(48) st.

Rnd 34 (5th decrease): *K3tog, ssk, K3tog, K2(4), repeat from * to end–20(28) st.

Rnd 35 (6th decrese rnd + 2nd berry flecks rnd): Starting with green, alternate with berry every other stitch, and work the following decrease: *K3(2), K2tog, repeat from * to end.–16(21) st.

Rnd 36 (7th decrease): *K1, K2tog, repeat from * to end–8(14) st.

Rnd 37 (LARGER SIZE ONLY–8th decrease): *K2tog across rnd–7st.


Knit 9 rnds of stem.

Last rnd: *K2tog, repeat across rnd. Break yarn, use yarn needle to slip end through all live stitches, cinch, and weave in ends.


C10B Slip 5 st onto cable needle, move the cable-held stitches to the back of your work, K the next 5 st off your left needle, then K the 5 held st off the cable needle
C10F Slip 5 st onto cable needle, move the cable-held stitches to the front of your work, K the next 5 st off your left needle, then K the 5 held st off the cable needle
DPNs Double-pointed needles, a set of 4 or 5
K2tog Knit 2 st together as one
K3tog Knit 3 st together as one
P purl
rnd(s) round(s)
ssk slip 2 st knitwise, then knit those stitches together as one
st stitch(es)

  • Nadia Lewis says:

    Aw, that is just cute overload!

  • Cheryl Geiger says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat but want to make it for my one year old grandaughter. Need pattern for 9-12 months (17.5-18″ head circumference). Any chance you could create this?
    Many thanks,

  • Nikol says:

    The easiest way would be to move up to heavy worsted yarn and size 6 needles and use the same pattern.

    I’ll add more sizes later, but December’s just too nutsy for me.

  • Lena says:

    This is really nice. I actually have someone in mind to make this one for :-) I would chart it for you if you still want someone to do that.

  • Nikol says:

    That would be awesome! Send me the chart or the link when you finish. Yay! Thank you.

  • Petina says:

    I would also LOVE this pattern for 9-12 months please. I’m using number 7dpns with regular worsted weight yarn…. :)

  • Sherri Chapman says:

    I would love this pattern in the bigger size also as the link doesn’t work

    Size 9 to 12 monthes would be great thanks so much

  • Sharon K says:

    This hat is adorable! I have some red, brown, and green superwash wool I plan to use for this hat- can’t wait to start it! I am going to try putting some brown flecks as the “seeds” in the lower part of the hat, then switch to the green as I get to the stem. Thanks for the pattern, it is well-written!

  • Lena says:

    Nikol, I know I promised you the chart almost a yearago, but I did complete it now. Do you still want it? Respond to my email so that I can send it as an attachement. I don’t have a website.
    Cheers :-)
    BTW I made the hat in red and green and it was adorable :-) Thank you Nikol :-)

  • Shawna says:

    can you please send me the pattern for 9 to 12months?

  • Lisa says:

    I would love the link to this pattern for larger sizes. I have 18mth old twins and I would love to make them each a hat. =) So cute

  • Jeanne Peterson says:

    This pattern is adorable. Do you have a chart for it yet? Is there a link to larger sizes? My granddaughter is 3 years old.

  • Kim Humbard says:

    i too would love to have the pattern for a larger size. Thanks!

  • Kayla says:

    Will the hat cover the ears of the baby or no? i want to make one for my new baby girl cousin thank you

  • Nikol says:

    If you want to be on the safe side, knit an extra 2″ a the beginning of the pattern, then it can be cuffed for a perfect fit.

  • Karen says:

    Is it possible to make it as a pdf so it can be downloaded? I am on holiday in Italy and have no instant printer so am storing patterns in folders on my thumb drive. It is so easy when they can be downloaded. I am not sure if this is difficult for you to do or not.

    I tell you what, I do appreciate the pattern though, just the thing to go with the adorable starwberry booties I have.

    Do you have it? I can send it to you if you want.
    Regards Karen

  • Nikol says:

    Hi, Karen. My intention is to eventually make pdfs of my free patterns, but no time yet! You could always just save the web page to your thumb drive, though.

    Yes, send a link for the booties & I’ll add it to the page!


  • mary g says:

    i cant seem to do the cabel 10 without it getting so tight that it is impossible to do the next rows any suggestion

  • Nikol says:

    Hm. If you’re a pretty tight knitter, it might be helpful to go out of your way to knit the row before the cable–especially the center stitches, which will move the most–really loosely, so it’s easier for them to cross without binding you up too much. But be sure to keep your gauge normal for the rest.

  • Delia says:

    Thank you so much for this pattern – I have also made an even bigger version of the larger one by casting on 96 stitches and then purling 5 each time instead of purling 3 [and by adding a few more rows before beginning the decrease].

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