Sheep tomorrow! Hat tonight.

I need to go to bed soon, so I can be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning. I have to staple (big heavy farm staples, not staple-gun staples) a temporary barrier over the open area along/in front of the ramp of our crazy barn. In a perfect world, I’d actually put a gate there instead, and since I haven’t give up on the perfect world, I don’t want to completely commit to the horse fence plan. On the other hand, I don’t intend to put the hay in the same location next year, so a convenient gate right now will be more or less pointless later. I should probably go with the horse fence barrier as planned.

Anyway, none of this makes sense if you can’t see the barn, so I’ll have to take a bunch of pictures tomorrow when the sheep arrive!

What else? Oh, and it looks like there will indeed be a calendar for 2009, for those who have asked. The Year of the Dreamer. But it won’t be ready until the first week of December!

Made this tonight (unblocked):

Pattern: Leaf-Band Alpaca-Merino Hat from Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders

Yarn: Knit Picks Decadance, 1 skein

Time: Under 2 hours, even with frequent breaks to check on the soup I was cooking, do dishes, attend to the needy cats, etc.

Notes: Easy and cute. I left the nipple off the top (very last rnd) and added an extra rnd before the decreases. Next time, I’d add 2-3 extras. I have a small head which for some reason means hats always slip up off my head. (Do I like my hats pulled down too far? Are they too loose? It’s a mystery. Hats almost never stay on right.) Otherwise unchanged, except that I opted for one big button instead of 3 small ones. The button’s just for show, although I think I tacked my little fake placket down too tightly so it doesn’t have the right effect.

This is a Christmas present, and I think I have enough yarn to make a matching cowl or neck warmer. I also have one more matching button. Yay!

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