Good mews!

It looks like the kitten’s going to be okay! They glued up the scary gash and they’re helping him with what looks like a busted pelvis, but she thinks he’ll recover! Yay! Send him good kitteny healing wishes. If someone nearby wants to adopt him, the vet is Carbondale Pet Clinic, 785-836-7212.

7 Replies to “Good mews!”

  1. I wish, I wish, I wish I was nearby! I miss my (also-rescued) former Siamese like you wouldn’t believe. I’d adopt him in a heartbeat if it was practical to get him here.

  2. I am glad to hear that he pulled through. If it were for the fact that my cats and husband would pitch a fit I would take him, but they would probably oust me.

  3. OH YEAH!!!! i’m so glad to hear he’s doing okay! if it was up here, i’d take that poor kitten in a heart beat! he needs a good kitty lover!

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