Back on the needles

After nearly a month without knitting, I picked up my needles last night. It’s probably too late for me to finish  a May sweater from scratch, what with Prom (Come to Prom!) around the corner and all. But I did finish 2 sweaters in January, so I’m still on track either way.

My current sweater’s a puff-sleeved summer raglan made from the mountains of Angora Soft I have on hand. I’m using a YO increase, increasing front and back sections every other row and the sleeve sections every single row.

Hopefully they’ll be a little puffier and more even than my first experiment with puff sleeves, which were more of an afterthought because I liked the way the fabric was bunching up on my needles.

Mom’s Puff-Sleeved Raglan Cardi (April Sweater)

4 balls Knit Picks Elegance, handspun single from Mustache Rides Mystery Batts. Basic raglan cardigan, handspun yoke, evenly-spaced increases to make puff sleeves, gusseted underarms, all-around ribbing, rounded bottom corners, vintage button.

4 Replies to “Back on the needles”

  1. I love the color combo that you used on your raglan cardi. Your handspun is so so pretty ! I so want to learn to spin, but I don’t think I can talk the husband into the cost of the supplies and classes. Oh well, I can still knit!

  2. Wow – absolutely fabulous colors. And shame about the little one you wrote on another post. I had no idea that alpacas were so protective and spent an hour googling the subject. Fascinating.

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