It’s a cinch. (What’s with the freaking puns? I’m such a hack.)

Today I’ve been sewing. I’m working on little recycled flannel cinch bags for some batt & spindle kits I’m making for the craft magazine store. They’re made of old flannel sheets. I decided to go with French seams because: 1) I don’t feel like wrestling with my neglected and ancient serger; 2) the pinking shears hurt my hands; and 3) I think French seams are just nicer, don’t you?

I  haven’t quite  figured out the 100% best assembly order for my own little one-woman sweatshop, but I’ll think I’ll have it down a few bags from now.

Kevin has set up a little printing room under the stage, so I’m thinking of getting him to screen print them, or showing me how. I’ve done some very small scale screen printing, but I’m not what you would call expert. Let’s face it: I’m barely adequate. I’d be adequate for maybe a first-time middle school art project. Which really might be kind of what I’d be going for with this print. Or I might try a gocco print, but I’m not sure how gocco will interact with flannel. Only one way to find out. Except that: where’s my gocco? It’s around her somewhere. (Story of my life: it’s around here somewhere.) Or I might monogram them. I have a fancy monogramming embroidery machine, after all. That might be cute. Also the most time in the doing, though less in the set-up.

Anyway,  assembly-line question marks aside, I’m pleased with them. Once you’ve spun up the batts inside, you can use it as an on-the-go spinning bag or a small knitting project bag, or one of those little bags you loop through your belt or over your wrist to manage your yarn when you’re knitting on a stroll. Yay, reuse! I so love packaging (such a weakness of mine) that I’m always pleased when I can minimize the disposableness of it without sacrificing cuteness.

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