Bunchy Munchie + New batts

So as I got ready to work the sleeves on my current sweater, I spread it out for a picture and discovered:

Munchie’s bunchy.

I thought maybe it would go away in the wearing, but no dice:

But instead of my usual “frog now, ask questions later” tack, I decided to ask on the Zimmermania forum on ravelry, and I just might have saved myself some hearthache. Yarnfloozie said her seamless yoke bunchies have blocked out & suggested wetblocking on the needles, and, while I can’t be certain until it’s dry, it looks promising. Those hideous lumps just might block out!

And I’m spinning regularly again, thanks to Spinsters Club and Fiber Friday. I made the assigned Disco yarn last week, and several other skeins, including the January Spinsters Club batt. And I Navajo plied 3 skeins. I *think* I’m improving. All the yarn’s drying on the radiator, so I’ll shoot it tomorrow.

God, I want to post pictures of the February batt. I just love it! And it’s so BIG AND FAT, yay! That will come later.

In the meantime…

Like, Totally (mostly wool, a little mohair)

Donald Draper (superwash merino)

Moxiemix (random 1# felters/spinners assortment made up of itty bits; this is the one I sent Moxie, but each will be a different but balanced assortment of textures & colors, all feltable fibers)

Easter Egg Sock Sack (mostly wool, plus a pinch of mohair, bamboo, sparkle, silk noil, yarn bits)

Little Brother (wool)

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  1. If the lumpies don’t block out, why don’t you just clip the yarn at the armpits, pick up the live stitches at the top of the body and reknit the yoke from the armpits up to the neck? You could go ahead and knit the sleeves first and join them to the yoke as you go, or you could just use a provisional cast on to get around the sleeve stitches. This might save you the heartache of ripping and rekniting the entire body with all of its waist shaping.

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