I can’t think of a linen pun.

As I near the end of my stitch linen purgatory, I’m taking frequent breaks to avoid paralysis/madness.

But I have to admit I like its looks, and I think it will wear beautifully.

My current linen break is trying to organize the closet I destroyed looking for my pipe snake to battle the horrendous clog in our kitchen sink. To be fair, I destroyed the closet ages ago, but today I emptied half of it into the front lobby (I also emptied out two other closets in the fruitless search, but they’re not right outside my office, so I’m ignoring them). And since it’s on my list for the year anyway, I’m chipping away at it a little at a time to give my aching hands a rest. And because there’s nothing really good on the tivo. So far, I’ve found the expensive razor heads I’ve been missing since I moved from Austin, and my good tweezers!

Other craft-related goodies on this year’s list:

1. Make and hang curtain in laundry room

3. Find/fix my shams or make a new duvet set

10. Move top-loading washing machine upstairs to home ec room (felting & water removal)

33. Retally yarn stash and complete 40% yarn destash (use/sell/give) before any new purchases

4. Tally fiber stash and complete 30% fiber destash (use/sell/give) before any new purchases

38. Set up packing area & rig up an old computer/printer or get new one (etsy-related)

42. Organize home ec room (my craft room)

4. Reformat NN site so it’s easier to find shit & looks cuter

45. Add gallery to NN site

46. Add books to Thrifty Knitter

67. Submit a new pattern quarterly

68. Update etsy weekly & post updates to lists

9. Finish and submit fabulous proposal with Adrian

70. Motorize one of my carders

86. Spring Yarn School

87. Fall Yarn School

88. Make a Yarn School 2007 contact page

100. Critters

101. Spinsters’ Club

102. Dirty Needles projects

103. Knit a sweater a month

104. Knit a scarf panel a day!

105. Make a rug

106. Make mom a sweater like she wants

107. Finish or frog all old WIP

For 107, I’m digging out all the UFOs and assessing them. Here’s one I’m definitely finishing, assuming I can get my hands on  more yarn. So far, I’ve had not luck spinning my own. The colors are always just a tad off. I’m afraid I’ll have to add some contrast trim along the sleeves and hem. I really didn’t want to have extra attention drawn to the hipline. I think I’ll go pester Vera again. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

4 Replies to “I can’t think of a linen pun.”

  1. Oh man, if you do a spring yarn school, I am SO there. The fall session is the weekend of our anniversary, and as last year was our very first, I wasn’t able to go. Yarn School without the guilt!

  2. I love that Skinnybones sweater! Have you considered making it short-sleeved or a vest if you can’t get more yarn? I think it would be cute with short sleeves.

  3. Hi, Nikol:, I tried to access your free pattern for the woodland shawl, and it looks as if the link is broken or disconnected. Is it still available?

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