Okay, so the Expo didn’t love me, but I consoled myself with the fun fun of Yarn Con! My train didn’t leave until 3.15, so Shannon let me share her table:

That’s Sara Ellis, soon to be Sara Ware (a new line of housewares from Target or CB2?). I haven’t seen Sara since college & she was one of the organizers, so that was a charming surprise! If I’d’ve known, I’d’ve made fabudestash grab bags to sell. Maybe next year… I’ll always have too much stash.

The space was beautiful. My pictures were crap, so here’s one from Sarah K of hi how are you designs. This was early on, before we arrived (that empty table in the corner is Shannon’s). The had free classes on the stage throughout.

Now the important part, What I Bought at YarnCon:

Adorable stitch markers in fortune cookie, teaput, chopsticks, and fish from Evil Eye Emporium & Shannon’s yummy superwash merino lace yarn.

Same yarn, on its own.

Big mess o’ natural colored wool handspun, which I still find crazy irresistable. This is a bouncy 2-ply corriedale. The 6 on the right are sport; the other 2 are bulky. All by Vera Videnovich. She also had simple but beautifully textured, yummy tweedy sturdy wonderful A-line skirts I coveted but were not quite in my budget (although the were not a cent overpriced, and well worth it, and may be in my future yet). She’s planning on selling the pattern, so I may have to settle for that, but the natural yellow dyed one was smashing and I can’t get it out of my head. Sadly, all my pictures on site were really crap. I just wasn’t myself.

Green Apple Yarns dyed alpaca top and natural indigo & osage orange dyed commercial yarn.

Spinning Fiber from Biggie.

And this wasn’t from YarnCon, but it’s so dandy, I have to share it:

It’s a hook for holding a center-pull ball whilst knitting on the go. Works very well & also holds a hank, for those times you just can’t wait to get to a ball winder before you start knitting the yummy yarn you just bought. Comes in waistband and belt loop models (with the main hook oriented appropriately). I used mine for 2 balls + I hung a little WIP off it. Made by pattern designer and knitter Christine Johnson’s blacksmith husband, it’s beautiful, handmade & surprisingly lightweight. For sale here.

I’m going to go clean my horrible room now. Or at least, that’s the plan.

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  1. Hi, talked to you briefly at Yarn Con while you were rushing off to the train. I’d been eye balling those stitch markers, but I already had a set so I’m glad they went to a good owner. I too stared lovingly at Vera’s skirts. She says she’s going to sell kits with the pattern and her natural yarn so I’m waiting patiently.

  2. Hey! It was so great to meet you last week. I wish I could’ve yarned out at the Con with you! Gotta carve out some time to give my yarn hook a go-’round. Hope to see you again soon!

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