Fragged. I mean, frogged.

Not the whole thing, but I did have to frog the sleeve of Ron’s sweater to make it the right diameter. He seems to hav freakishly broad  chest & shoulders for his size, so making the torso right does not make the sleeves right. I have a creeping feeling they were way too big–I mean, I think I was using 24″ needles, and I always use 16s for sleeves. He got home today, and they’re way too big, so I had to frog back up to the pits and place decrease every row, following the raglan seam fairly well, and mostly (I hope) hidden in the armpit. I won’t be able to tell for sure until I’ve produced a few inches. I’ve also got to frog and reknit the hemline. I was trying for–oh, I don’t know what I was trying for, but I made the ribbing too loose (my Norwegian purl makes everything looser, too) and I’m going to need to ditch it and reknit it smaller.

But all that will have to wait, because it’s almost time for YARN SCHOOL! Yee haw! I’m super excited about getting to attend. I’ve still got a million things to do. I should probably go to sleep. Right this minute.

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  1. hey, i feel your pain, i have the opposite problem myself. hubby is very tall and very thin (i swear, if they weren’t so short, he could wear a men’s medium in t-shirts!), so i have to adjust everything for length. i’ve got a sweater that’s been sitting here for 3 years that i may just have to frog, because it’s pretty big around on him. i’m going to do a dummy seam, and see what he thinks. if it’s too big? sigh. that’s a lot of frogging.

    now, to what i was going to say, lol. I would like to discuss an opportunity with you, if you’d be so kind as to email me. Thanks!

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