105 and rising!

I guess I just had to be patient and wait for the sun to help it reach critical mass. It’s at least 105. I started to get the vapors (not really, but who wants to stand around in a hot room like a jackass all day?) at 105.1 and headed out with a whoo hoo! I’m going to check back in a couple of hours, and if it’s just as hot or hotter, we’ll be in business!

Yay! It’s working! Now I don’t have to haul a bazillion bags of wool back and forth, nor sort through 4 dozen boxes, picking out fabric. And I’m genuinely considering doing a little Bikram sesh if I can find my CDs. It’s been forever and my back is bugging me today.

Took another picture of my latest handspun, since I can’t stop admiring it. I know I’ve already posted it like a hundred times, but now that it’s been washed, it’s fluffy wuffy and very well balanced. Look! Fluffy wuffy!

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  1. That is some seriously yummy yarnage there.

    And I’m totally watching your progress with the scary bugs and nodding madly. My husband made this thing back in boy scouts where you put a black painted box out in the sun with a piece of glass over the top, and it’s supposed to get *really* hot inside on a summer day. (Granted, it’s been like two hundred in the shade here in Iowa ANYWAY, but still…) I’ve been reading your accounts of mothbugs and thinking I may make a big one out there to put all the fiber in.

    But then I wonder if I’m just inviting new bugs by having it outside. Or if it’d just burst into flame and I’d cry for a million years. One of the two.

  2. The crazy thing is that there probably really aren’t any bugs, but I can’t help myself. Just the idea that there *could* be is driving me to distraction. I’m acting like one of those people who uses antibacterial everything when they’re not even sick.

    I’m going to go ahead and be an enabler and say yes, you should totally build a boy scout oven for your yarn. Just don’t leave it in there too long.

    I tried microwaving some fiber as an experiment and burned a big stinky hole in it. I don’t know if it was a residual glob of excess dye or grease, or just that I was using an old microwave, but I got religion & won’t be trying that again with anything important. (Plenty of people report no problems with that method, so maybe I need to use a new microwave.)

  3. Also: clothes moths hate light, so as long as it’s daytime, I double there’s any risk of attracting them.

    Although carpet beetles like light…

    Maybe I can get genetically modified like those potatoes that produce insecticide…

  4. His pictures are always so gorgeous I want to punch his lights out. I always feel like a kid with a Disc camera when I look at his site.

    Also: Dude, am I old or what? Disc camera? I should have said 110. Or is that worse?

    And of course I hate him for his beautiful knitting. Why is everyone else so much better than me?

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