This is what happens when you twist before joining

My original plan was for a little abbreviated pullover vest out of this stripy handspun I made. But a couple inches in, I realized I had twisted my work before joining. Instead of ripping it back (I’d already ripped the yarn once, and I’m trying to be more civilized about frogging handspun), I figured I’d use it as an opportunity to try steeks. And so my pullover is now a cardigan. Or, not really, because cardigans have sleeves. A button-front vest. Is there a special name for that?

I’m going to steek the collar, too, so the stripes line up. I decided I didn’t care about the stripes matching up between the front and back. Put another way, I didn’t really think about it until I’d already worked several rows.

The collar will be a deep square, so I’m thinking the proper thing is to BO the neckline, then on the next row, CO an extra stitch over the BO, right? You use two stitches on either side to secure your shit, and one to cut across. Right?

I’m going to try a crocheted steek, even though I do have a sewing machine. Because it looks interesting.

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  1. I believe the name for a button front vest is a “waistcoat.” Whatever you make will certainly turn out beautifully using that yarn. Thanks for blogging more frequently again. I missed reading your blog when you were in the burlesque knitting frenzy. :)

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