She Sells Seashells: Naughty Needles Burlesque Clamshell Bikini

First cup. I went with stranded colorwork knits & purls, though it’s not my forte, because the results looked better. Originally, I was planning on knitting it in the other direction, with the raised portions as reverse stockinette and the shell’s creases as stockinette, with short rows to flair the scallops, but the Softwist doesn’t pull in all bouncy the way wool does (but I liked its sheen & wanted it for the shells), so it just looked flat and bleh.

Here’s the back:

The bottoms will be the same, but with no eyelets and the bottom of the shell tapering down to a crotch and then a g-string. I might also make larger, tear-away shell for the back bottom. Ooh la la!

5 Replies to “She Sells Seashells: Naughty Needles Burlesque Clamshell Bikini”

  1. I quite like the look of the seashells. So very Botticelli like, or at least that what comes to my mind. Granted Venus is emerging from a seashell and not wearing them. I must admit to being curious to see this on a model so that I get some idea of scale and just how revealing this will be. So fun!

  2. It looks great. reminds me of the “birth of venus.” I saw on “Naughty Needles about needing people to knit stuff for the burlesque show. I would have left a comment on that blog, but it would not let me. If you still need some stuff knitted. I can do a few smaller things like g-strings, or something. Let me know…?

    Have a great day! I enjoy reading your weblog. :)

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