Backsliding + Fiber Stashalong.

So last night in the wee hours when I should have been sleeping (or at least knitting), I bought some fiber. I should really take a picture of all my fiber so you could see just how little I need freaking fiber.

I think it’s time for a little self-imposed intervention.

As I witness to the depth of my need, I have to confess that I just left my post to go buy a bunch of fiber before I officially proclaimed my intentions to moderate my fiber purchases.
I’m an asshole.

But now that I’ve already bought everything and there’s absolutely no sacrifice involved, hear ye, hear ye.

I’m going to start a fiber stashalong with the same rules as my yarn stashalong, to wit:

1. eliminate 1500g/month by selling or spinning
2. only replenish 10% of what I destash.

The tough part is that I need to figure out how much fiber I have, and I need to include those cowardly additional purchases I made mid-post. And they’re substantial. Yikes.

I might double the elimination quota, since it’s much faster to spin than to knit. Spinning is a nice loophole for adding to my stash without counting it.

I also bought 3 skeins of dark brown heather mulespun yarn with my yarn destash earnings.

They’re 4oz skeins & my destash ball count is based on 50g balls, of which I’ve earned 8. But since I’m going by grams, my 4 skeins count as 7 of my 8 earned balls.

I have some natural chocolate Rambouillet roving blended with some pink dyed wool and a leetle bit of pink nylon sparkle. I thought I might spin that with some additional dyed pink top or roving and use it as the handspun element for yoke and cuffs in a yoke sweater.

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  1. I hate fiber diets! They’re worse than food diets, because while you eat food and it disappears, giant balls of roving- they take up space, hang over your head, make you feel guilty… You can’t ignore them! Good luck!

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