FO Faux Fair Isle Sweater from Spin to Knit

Ta da! That was FAST. Of course, now it’s all warm and beautiful outside.

Pattern: Faux Fair Isle Sweater from Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey

Yarn: About 110 g My Hanspun 2-Ply + 425g (8.5 balls) Hand-dyed Classic Elite TwoTwo (from a Webs grab bag purchase last spring).
I can’t shut up about this pattern. I love it. It’s simple and FAST. I made the Forsythia version and used bulky yarn throughout (the pattern calls for a mix of bulky & worsted, but the all-bulky worked well). I’m short and wear about a medium.

A bag of bulky yarn and a big fat skein of handspun made me a sweater, hat and mittens. This is a nice, roomy sweater, very snuggly wintertime vibe. My next one has less yarn, so I’ll show the results of making a more fitted version. Also looks great on a man (Ron tried on mine, and although it was really tight, it was quite stretchy, and you could tell the style looks great–though I’d recommend casting on 16 or 24 fewer stitches–or using a worsted like the pattern suggests–for a closer neckline, as the wide neckline looks a bit feminine.)

Threw in a few stripes of the main color into the yoke to break it up a little (I picked high-contrast colors) and to make it easy to carry the yarn down so I wouldn’t have to rejoin.

CO just 3 st instead of the recommended 10 (25% of my sleeve st) for a slimmer fit (but still nice and roomy) because I’m small-busted.

As a result, I have fewer sleeve st, so instead of the recommended decrease, I did this to decrease slower for a baggy sleeve: decrease on the 12th, 10th, 8th, 6th, 4th, 4th, 4th rnd. This give you a big roomy cuff, which I wanted for my slightly shortened sleeves (I like my cuffs out of the way for washing my hands, putting on mittens, etc.; and I don’t like my wrists constricted)

Added a few rnds of handspun before the sleeve ribbing.

Used 5 rnds of K1P1 ribbing for both the hem and cuffs.

Here are some more pictures:

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  2. Thanks! To do it, I just threw the colors in a pot (an electric roaster in this case, since it was 10 50g hanks) and kind of lazily stirred them, so they got absorbed randomly.

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