3 New Free Patterns at naughtyneedlesknitting.com!

Finally able to get some of my old data together to update Naughty Needles Knitting with some free patterns: Frenchy (from the chapter opener on p. k48 of my book, a cupless bra & peekaboo bottoms), Bottoms up! (matching g-string for Hootchie Kootchie Pasties) and Kitten with a Whip, take 2 (braided whip with a knitted grip).

I totally ripped out the 4 inches of shawl I knitted yesterday, as is my freakin way. I need to learn to sit still and THINK before I start knitting. I’m sure I’d still tear back half of what I knit. Other things I’ve torn back in the last week:

  • a two-rounds-to-go hat I decided was too big
  • the sleeves and bottom of a sweater that was coming out gargantuan, and for which I would definitely not have enough yarn, even though I did, in fact, swatch. The good news is the adjusted version is knitting quickly.
  • my first 3 versions of starfish pasties. They looked stupid. I’ll keep trying.

I’ve decided that I’m going to concentrate on sweaters. Knit a sweater, sew a skirt to match. That’s my plan. For one, I need clothes. For two, I have crazy mountains of yarn. For three, I have a room full of fabric. And did I mention I need clothes? I have like 4 sweaters and they’re all horrible. They’re also all black, annoying with the cats. And all but one are turtlenecks. A person only needs one black turtleneck. I’m not a freakin beatnik, for crying out loud.
Right now, I’m working on a bubbly chocolate brown sweater modeled loosely on this, except I’m giving it 3/4 sleeves and a somewhat shorter length, and a boat neck instead of the funnel thing. I want to wear a red long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, and I want to make a simple A-line skirt to go with. I haven’t checked my fabric stash yet.
It’s from the Vittadini Fall 2001 Book 17. Actually, the sweaters I really like from that book–the reason I even bought the book–are Daniella and Eva, but for now, I need REALLY SIMPLE sweater patterns. The burlesque knitting is taking brainpower, so I want mindless easiness for my personal knitting.

I also want to make a plain red sweater so I can make a matching skirt with this ridiculous and wonderful whale-print fabric I have. Or maybe white with a red anchor? I’ll have to check my yarn. Don’t know that I have enough of anything red or white to yield a sweater.

And I have some Nashua Wooly Stripes, blues and grays, a whole bag, that also wants to be a sweater. Probably a hoodie.
I’m still going to knit that fire-colored wrap, but I think I’m going to do it all in garter, so it will be a big tangled jumble of color and texture. I think it’s just going to be a 2×5 (or maybe 3×6, we’ll see…) rectangle, plain jane, something that will be boring to knit, but perfect for movies. Hm. Or, actually, it would make a scrumpy cardigan.

Can anyone recommend a good, simple cardigan pattern, preferably garter? Something easy peasy lemon squeezie.

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  1. Great site to visit !

    If you come across that sweater( easy cardi ) let us all know please ??
    My “perfact cardi ” would be nice & roomy , pockets , longish & classy all at the same time ! Sounds good eh ? Oh yes , the yarn should be very high quality as well !

    Good Luck ,

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