FO Circular Needle Case/Labors of my treat

Last night, I treated myself to some unfettered crafting time to compensate for my loss of fancy knitting class (which Kelly Sue’s already boasting about–sometimes I hate living so far from civilization…I need snow tires…). Here’s what I made:

First, a hanging circular needle bag. I’ve been dying for a way to organize and couldnt’ find one I really liked for sale. There’s a girl who makes cute hanging bags on ebay, but the pockets aren’t marked. And those Circular Solution bags are really efficient, but not at all cute. Both versions hang from a hanger, which I always find problematic, so I made mine with a doorknob hanger instead.

It’s wool felt with some offset stitching, and has pockets for needles sized 0 – 17+ (the 17+ is a large pocket, which should hold at least 35s and maybe bigger–if I actually had bigger, which I don’t). The 9-13 slots are slightly larger than the others.

The behorned yarn ball started out as an accident, but I liked it & added a forked tail to finish it out.

The hanger is 4 layers of felt with a doorknob cutout. I got the idea from the buttonhole closure on a neck warmer Kelly Sue was wearing in knitting class last Wednesday.

Cutting out the little numbers was a bitch. They’re maybe half an inch tall. Oh, no! It looks like the 1 fell off my 10. Whoops. I’ll bet I forgot to glue it down.

The back has a little pocket for a gauge checker. I know I’ve seen a little one at the Yarn Barn, so when my January no-spendy thing is over, I’m going to buy it.

I also started my We Call Them Pirates hat, which is more boat than hat, becasue I didn’t bother making my swatch in pattern. I go up a ton in gauge apparently knitting colorwork in the round. Which, duh. But I’m not so bright.

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  1. That needle holder looks pretty fantastic. If you don’t mind my asking, what is color and kind of Galway yarn that you’re using for your We Call Them Pirates hat? Thanks!

  2. Your circ holder is awesome! I need to do something similar. My circs are all over the place – as are the rest of my needles :-o I have needle holders for those, I’m just lazy.

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