Okay, this whole not-casting-on-anything-new-until-I’ve-finished-or-frogged-everything-on-the-needles business is KILLING ME!

It’s madding how enticing everything else looks when you’ve got a big fat pile of WIPs taunting you. Worse yet is reknitting the same section of the stupid project because you can’t get the fit right. Right now, I’m working on another sweater for Ron, this one cast on back in February of last year. I’ve had to frog the sleeve twice because something’s wonky with the armpit.  I always battle with his arms a little because his chest and shoulders are really broad, and he likes a trim, fitted sleeve, which upsets the raglan math. Usually I pop in a steep pit gusset to quickly reduce the excess pit stitches and that does the trick. But in this case, I think the stubborn pucker is happening because the little stripe of handspun is a slightly thicker yarn, so there’s simply no fixing it. Of course, I didn’t strike on that genius until I’d frogged it twice. So that’s that. And the pucker’s not horrific or anything–probably not even noticeable if you’re not looking for it. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will become more subtle when the thing’s blocked. I can’t remember how the Peruvian Highland blooms.

According to ravelry, I still have 8 WIP and another 13 hibernating projects that require finishing or frogging before I get to start anything new. Hopefully, there aren’t any other limbo items I’ve neglected to catalog, because 21 projects is PLENTY. Anyway, to torture myself, here’s my little list of things I desperately want to knit right this second:

  1. Sideways short row DROPS sweater, in some Noro Silk Garden Lite
  2. Ganomey Hat
  3. Colorwork mittens with a chart I designed months ago
  4. Secret project sweater or socks or both
  5. Some kind of fair isle vest, maybe with a variation of the mitten chart
  6. A long cozy hoodie jacket thingy, maybe something shaped like my Target coat
  7. My Linen Times Two skirt in wool
  8. Some kind of dress
  9. Nether garments
  10. A pigtail hat
  11. Mitered Mittens

Hm. That’s not so bad. Naming the objects of my desire somehow makes them less urgent. Fancy that!

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  1. I’m doing the same thing – no new projects at all this month- WIPs only!! I’m actually down to 7 WIPs and 1 hibernating project. I can’t believe it. I’m astounded at myself. Right now I’ve got 2 pairs of socks, 1 shawl, 3 cardigans (two that only need sleeves) and my endless sock yarn blanket. I’m really proud of myself! Next month I’m going to start another sweater and a coat. If I finish the socks, I’m allowed to cast of for more…

  2. I am often glad that I dont have a large supply of needles! I only have enough needles to have 3 or 4 projects going at a time…. I need to get some new needles though! I dont have anything small enough to knit my sweet new jewelry kit!!!!

  3. Oooooo I love that sideways sweater – and aren’t those nethergarments of all crazy wild colors the bee’s knees?

    Also – your link to your linen skirt goes to the Ravelry page for the Ganomey Hat too…

  4. Lovely sweater! I was wondering, how do you get the back of the neck higher than the front without making a dip in the front? Short rows? Or casting on more stitches for the front of the neck than the back, and then somehow finagling the raglans?

    I feel like i have kind of the opposite problem regarding WIPs. I’m trying to hold out on buying more yarn as long as possible (money shortage) and need to keep myself occupied with projects to resist the urge. I’m all out of sweater’s-worths and starting to run low (!!!) on sock yarn. But I have a decent stack of worsted single skeins and a couple of bulky weight that I want to do something with. Maybe mittens. I feel like we have enough hats and scarves at this point, and I don’t think the colors work with each other well enough to make a striped sweater. I’ve already made two large stash shawls (thanks to your fab pattern! :) which get a ton of use as couch blankets.

  5. Yep, short rows.

    Oh, to have used up that much yarn! As part of my finish-or-frog uberlist item, I’ve been adding a bunch more to my stash. Alas! Or: hooray!

  6. Oh, yes, I can completely, I mean COMPLETELY relate to you here. This is why I started my 2010 challenge: 10 crafts in 20 days… For no other reason than to give myself a kick in the bud ALL YEAR LONG, to finish stuff.

    It helps me also to get blog posts out, and to see what others are up to.
    Wanna join the challenge? You can begin any time, and I’ve found it helpful so far…

    The challenge is details on my blog, here:

  7. I love, love, love this sweater. I think it’s the color(s).
    Is it from a specific pattern? Or one of those top-down-raglan-plug-in-the-numbers deals?

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