2007 Stashalong

FEBRUARY Destash Goal: 1500g (MET!)
Yarn Used: 1905g
Yarn Earned: 3 balls!

bear cub poncho: 375g Lana Gross Ultra

bear cub hat: 85g Lana Gross Ultra

scarf & hat: 130g Austermann Naturwolle + 10g Knit Picks Merino Style
(the gloves were also from February, but they don’t count, because they were pre-stashalong)

Knit Picks Two at once, Toe-up socks in Knit Picks Parade: 60g (thanks to the short cuffs)

Faux Fair Isle Sweater, 540g in my handspun 2-ply + Classic Elite TwoTwo

matching hat: 55g
matching mittens: 65g

baby set: 70g Sirdar Snuggly Bubbly

Viper Girl cardi: 200g Schoeller Stahl Volare + 160g stoneleafmoon “Don’t Mess with Viper Girl” handspun

Kinderwhore bootie variation with pointy toe, 75g random recycled wool I dyed

+ 80g of handspun I’m sending to a friend. I’ll put a picture up in a few days, to be safe. It’s not overly glamorous or anything, but I do love overdocumenting.
Unfortunately, only handspun I made prior to the initial tally counts toward my destash (the yarn in question was made prior). My spinning fiber stash is a whole other can of worms. Maybe I’ll address it when I hit some marvelous yarn destash benchmark.

MARCH Destash Goal: 1500g
March Yarn Destashed: 2773
Total Yarn Destashed: 4678g
Total Yarn Earned: 9 balls!

Yay! But 7 balls used, bringing my balance back down to 2 balls, so I’m adding a new item:

Earned Yarn Balance: 2 balls.

Angele’s Baby Cardi T
100g Adrienne V. Emma

Biggy Capelet
200g Biggy Print + 10g Cleckheaton Merino Supreme

Stash Shawl
466g stash oddballs & handspun, wool & alpaca

Destash Sale

Pre-stash-tally Handspun 347g

Fiber Destash
March Destash Goal: 1500g
March Fiber Destashed: 1925g
Total Fiber Earned: 192g
Sold/Gave: 1200g in batts & samples at artclub.etsy.com

Spun: 725g (and sold some, too!)

Well, still have a stack of knitted objects requiring buttons to transform them to actual finished objects, so my stashalong total has fallen short, sniff sniff.

APRIL – JUNE Destash Goal: 4500g
April/May/June Yarn Destashed & Tallied: 3976g
Previous ’07 Yarn Destashed: 4678g
Le Grand Total: 8654
Total Yarn Earned: 17 balls (depleted — and 2 balls over, as I suck)

Knitted: 2782g

For Naughty Needles Burlesque Show Mermaid’s Clamshell Bikini, Thong & Starfish pasties: 114g

Naughty Needles Burlesque Show Big Bad Wolf Jacket, lace-up hotpants with tail, skirt, bikini, scarf, pasties & ears: 568g (actually, it was 768g, but 200g of yarn were bought to complete it, so that doesn’t get tallied in the destash)

Naughty Needles Burlesque Show Cavegirl Pareos, tear-away pelts, and pasties: 625g (again, actually 725, but 100g were new)

Spincycle/Merino Supreme Wrap: 103g

New Harem Girl top: 43g

New Harem Girl hipster: 41g

Harem Girl veils: 463g

Fez: 78g

Harem Girl jacket: 89g

Magknits submission: 275g

Fringed burlesque skirt: 40g

Li’l Debil Hat & Booties: 70g

Unraveling dress: 573g

Sold: 1194g

I’m abandoning the fiber destash, because it’s too hard to track.

JULY Destash Goal: 2000g
July Total: 3976

Previous ’07 Yarn Destashed: 8654
Le Grand: 12,630g

Total Yarn Earned: 25 balls (depleted and at deficit, as I suck*)

*Actually, that’s only the tip of my suckiness iceberg, but I don’t have to pay the piper until after Yarn School. Non-work yarn: 3x4oz skeins Beaverslide Bison = 7 balls; 6x100g skeins Berroco Ultra Alpaca = 12 balls; 19 balls non-work yarn total

Finished this month:

schoolgirl skirt: 163g schoolgirl cardi: 240g
schoolgirl skirt: 163g & schoolgirl cardi: 240g

nun cardi: 240g
nun cardi: 240g

“fur” stole: 650g

nun skirt: 360g

harem girl panties: 6g (46g total, but the rest was purchased for this, so doesn’t count toward destash)

ruffled panties (pink and white–they look like a birthday cake!) with matching pasties: 103g

more Naughty Needles burlesque stuff:

fringed peekaboo top: 27g
side-lace pirate skirt: 326g
sleeveless long shawl-collar coat: 673g
pirate head scarf: 23g (but it’s new stuff, so doesn’t count)
pirate sash: 100g
bunny bra: 33g
bunny skirt & sweater: 508g
banana leaf g-string & pasties: 50g
striped skirt: 230g
tearaways for Frenchy: 86g
banana skirt & coconut bra (don’t count! but had to mention!)

Can I just say I can’t freakin wait until ravelry’s out of beta so I can link to all my projects!

Stuff related to the Sewing & Quilt Expo classes I’m teaching:

Lambykin, 33g:

Boy Gloves, 50g:

Gnome, 95g:

Potholders, 86g:

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